Aggregated Analytics Platform Artemis Adds Fuse

Artemis Fuse Data

Aggregated analytics platform Artemis has added Fuse Network. Users can now compare and analyze key metrics and user and developer behavior across Fuse and the most significant blockchains.

Accurate data empowers investors, developers, and stakeholders to make well-informed decisions about investments, collaborations, and project directions. This enhances the industry’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. 

Artemis aims to bring transparency, discipline, and accountability to the Web3 space, empowering builders and investors to innovate securely and reliably. The platform’s dashboards are known for their usability and the ability to compare statistics from top blockchain networks. 

Artemis is becoming popular for monitoring core metrics of leading protocols in the Web3 ecosystem, and Fuse is pleased to be included. 

How Artemis Integrates Fuse Network

The Fuse Network dashboard through the Artemis Terminal lets users analyze fundamental metrics such as daily transactions and the number of active addresses, DEX trading volumes, and Total Value Locked (TVL) all in one place. 

Artemis Fuse Network

Further data helps users find real-time information on the FUSE token market value and capitalization. As well as social media metrics, the value captured through transaction fees, and stablecoin data. 

Artemis Fuse Network

Additionally, Artemis lets users compare chains to give a complete view of the competitive blockchain landscape. Here users find the same sets of fundamental metrics, comparable across more than 20 networks, including Fuse. 

Artemis Fuse Network

Artemis in Detail 

At its core, Artemis aims to provide an aggregated analytics platform for cryptocurrency metrics, making it easier for users to access and compare essential data from various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Moreover, Artemis is designed to be accessible, trustworthy, and relevant for Web3 projects and long-term investors. 

Artemis offers the convenience of effortlessly comparing and assessing the performance of significant blockchains and identifying trends in developer activity. At the same time, the platform’s Activity Monitor allows for detailed segmentation of user behavior, offering insights into behavior within various categories, dApps, and contracts on leading blockchains.

Users can seamlessly integrate blockchain data into their workflow by programmatically accessing it within Google Sheets or Excel. Enjoy the convenience of real-time updates delivered directly to your spreadsheets from sources like Artemis Terminal, CoinGecko, Dune, and TokenTerminal. 

To simplify your analysis, pre-built templates are available, encompassing a variety of tools such as screeners, comparative tables, and valuation frameworks. This streamlined approach empowers you to harness the power of blockchain data without disrupting your familiar spreadsheet environment.

The platform also provides regular research reports and weekly recaps of the top events in the cryptocurrency industry and fundamental deep-dive research pieces. 

In summary 

Artemis, an aggregated analytics platform, has introduced Fuse Network to its capabilities. This addition enables users to analyze key metrics and user/developer behavior across Fuse and other major blockchains, enhancing decision-making for investors and stakeholders. 

Artemis strives for transparency and accountability in the Web3 space, empowering builders and investors securely. Its user-friendly dashboards facilitate metric comparisons, attracting attention for monitoring top Web3 protocols, including Fuse.

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