Build and Scale dApps with BlockSpaces and Fuse


BlockSpaces has presented Fuse with a free public RPC Endpoint that supports 10 million daily transactions across all users, allowing for increased capacity and throughput across the Fuse ecosystem.

For crypto to gain mass adoption, there needs to be a seamless bridging of Web2 business applications to Web3 payments and protocols. This is something Fuse has made their primary objective from its inception. 

This has led to countless collaborations with companies and projects with aligned visions for a more decentralized financial system accessible to everyone globally. So we are happy to announce that the Multiweb platform BlockSpaces has offered a free public RPC Endpoint to the Fuse ecosystem. 

What’s an RPC Endpoint? 

An Endpoint is an interface or address point for external applications or software to access the functionalities and data from a blockchain network. This integration will increase network load and throughput capacity on the Fuse ecosystem.

To connect to and retrieve data from a blockchain, you’ll need to connect to a node on the blockchain network. A node participates in the network that stores and serves the latest blockchain state. Therefore, users who wish to download blockchain data can either run a node themselves, which can be costly, or connect to a publicly-provided node via the node’s RPC endpoint. 

How Fuse integrates BlockSpaces

This upgrade will allow the Fuse ecosystem to leverage the high capacity of Blockspaces Endpoints to scale and sustain an even more significant number of transactions for its users worldwide and at a lower cost. Additionally, it will improve overall network performance and user experience.

High capacity and globally distributed

BlockSpaces provides infrastructure and software solutions for developing and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) on the Web3 ecosystem.

Its infrastructure supports up to two billion daily transactions and 100 transactions per second, while its global geo-mesh of nodes ensures low latency, regardless of the user’s location. It also has dedicated blockchain nodes for over 30 blockchain protocols.

BlockSpaces make it easy to connect Web2 software with the latest Web3 protocols. They also offer Premium and Enterprise plans which provide unlimited daily transactions, dedicated nodes, and unlimited Endpoints. All Endpoint plans are built on their decentralized infrastructure.

Get started with BlockSpaces

Clients can get started on the Blockspaces platform by signing up for their free public Endpoints. They can later upgrade to the premium or enterprise plan when ready for improved QoS, documentation, reporting, and support.

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