Enhancing Fuse with Pimlico ERC-4337 Smart Account Integration

ERC-4337 Smart Account Toolkit

Explore the seamless integration of Pimlico’s ERC-4337 Smart Account Toolkit with Fuse

Fuse is delighted to announce the addition of Pimlico to its blockchain ecosystem. If you are developing an ERC-4337 smart account on Fuse, Pimlico provides bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and much more to help you build a more stable wallet and iterate faster. 

On its mission to take Web3 payments mainstream, Fuse employs the most battle-tested and appropriate infrastructure to ensure developers have the most advanced tools when building on Fuse Network. 

Pimlico is based out of London and has recently secured a seed investment round worth $4.2 million, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm, a16z Crypto. The company’s mission is to redefine smart contracts by providing the infrastructure for the next generation of smart accounts based on the ERC-4337 standard

More notably, the finest businesses in Web3, such as Metamask, Safe, Consensys, and Thirdweb, trust Pimlico with their infrastructure needs. 

ERC-4337 Smart Account Toolkit

How Fuse Integrates Pimlico 

Fuse integrates Pimlico’s Alto Bundler service, a performant, type-safe ERC-4337 bundler written in Typescript to relay the user operations according to the ERC-4337 standard. Fuse also taps Pimlico’s Paymaster service, a combination of an API and an on-chain smart contract that allows you to sponsor gas fees for your users. 

Adding Pimlico to the Fuse blockchain ecosystem paves the way for developers to build Web3 apps on Fuse that can shine on mobile and tablets. The ability to sponsor gas fees and remove clumsy blockchain complexities from end-users is magic for those building in Web3. 

Businesses and merchants lacking Web3 developer teams looking to integrate Web3 payments and blockchain-powered loyalty schemes into their existing apps can contact us to start the journey. 

Pimlico’s infrastructure powers projects like Daimo and Patch Wallet, which leverage smart accounts to offer use cases such as peer-to-peer (P2P) payments and token transfers via social media handles. 

Understanding the Pimlico ERC-4337 Smart Account Toolkit

Pimlico is a blockchain infrastructure platform that provides developers with the necessary tools to build the next generation of smart accounts. The platform offers bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and more. 

Smart accounts, empowered by the ERC-4337 standard, offer modularity and enhanced features, such as gas sponsorship, gas payments with ERC-20 tokens, better account recovery, spending thresholds, and FaceID or passkey verification, among other user-centric use cases.

Pimlico’s contributions have been well-received, with developers conducting nearly three million user operations, representing over 60% of all indexed user operations since the beginning of the year. 


By eliminating unnecessary logic and enhancing transaction efficiency, Account Abstraction dramatically improves the user experience. Users can enjoy faster transaction confirmations, reduced fees, and seamless interaction with Web3 applications. 

This enhanced user experience is crucial in driving mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, as it addresses some of the key pain points associated with traditional financial systems. 

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