Fuse Airdrop – Eligibility Guidelines

By entering or participating in the relevant prize promotion (the “Challenge”), each entrant or participant (“Entrant”) agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions
  • Participants must provide accurate and complete information as required for participation in the Airdrop.
  • Fuse reserves the right to verify the participant’s identity and eligibility
  • Each participant is allowed to participate in the airdrop campaign only once. Duplicate entries or attempts to manipulate the system for unfair advantage will result in disqualification from the campaign and forfeiture of rewards.
  • Fuse reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify any proposed Participant it deems ineligible for an Airdrop or by engaging in any conduct that the Organiser considers inappropriate or unacceptable).
  • The Organiser, at its sole discretion, will determine the eligibility criteria for participation in the Airdrop, including the amount of Tokens to be distributed to eligible Participants that satisfy specified criteria
  • Participants shall not user multi-accounts and/or multi-wallets; or attempt to cheat or hack the Airdrop or the tokens any such behavior will result in all of the Participant’s accounts and/or wallets being permanently banned from all of the fuse Airdrops.
  • Participants must actively engage with Fuse Ecosystem by performing various activities highlighted (optional), such as:
    • Referring/ inviting friends to join 
    • Bridging 
    • Providing liquidity 
    • and Staking tokens etc. 
  • Participants must possess ownership of a compatible cryptocurrency wallet that supports the storage and management of tokens associated with Fuse Network. This ensures participants have the necessary infrastructure to receive and manage their rewards.
  • Participants must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined for the airdrop campaign, including but not limited to the rules of engagement, guidelines for participation, and any other requirements specified by Fuse Network. Read more here.
  • The airdrop campaign is open to all eligible participants regardless of their geographical location, provided that they meet the specified eligibility criteria and comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign.
  • Participants must refrain from engaging in any illegal or fraudulent activities in connection with the airdrop campaign. Any suspicion or indication of such behavior will result in immediate disqualification and potential legal consequences.

Please be aware that digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. The value of your investment may fluctuate, and you may not receive the amount invested. It is your sole responsibility to make investment decisions, and Fuse is not liable for any losses incurred. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

Before investing, consider your financial situation, investment experience, objectives, and risk tolerance. Consult an independent financial advisor for advice on investing in products you know and understand.

Taxation and Regulation Implications: Fuse does not provide regulatory or taxation advice. You are responsible for complying with the laws governing staking, holding, buying, or investing in digital assets in your jurisdiction. Fuse encourages full compliance with applicable laws and recommends seeking relevant advice before making decisions concerning digital assets.

Please note that the available products and services mentioned may vary by region. Users are advised to verify the availability of these offerings in their respective areas.

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