Fuse Bolsters Partnership with Etherspot to Advance Web3 Scalability

Fuse and Etherspot Partnership

Discover how Fuse’s strategic partnership with Etherspot is revolutionizing Web3 scalability

Fuse and Etherspot have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to enhance Fuse’s scalability with Etherspot’s multi-chain ERC-4337 development platform. Additionally, Etherspot will run a Validator node on the Fuse Network and pilot the first Power Validator relaying services. 

Fuse has been at the forefront of blockchain, offering innovative solutions for adopting Web3 payments and scaling the Ethereum network. On the other hand, Etherspot, a leading account abstraction SDK provider, specializes in building tools that simplify blockchain development. 

Together, we join forces to create a comprehensive solution that addresses some of the critical challenges facing the blockchain industry today. 

The primary objective of this partnership is for Etherspot to run a Validator node on the Fuse Network, providing validation services to Fuse token holders and pilot the “Power Validator – Phase 1 – Relaying service,” which aims to optimize bundling services on Fuse. Etherspot will join as the first Power Validator to decentralize our middleware and process transactions previously processed by centralized servers. 

The collaboration plans to bolster Fuse Network’s scalability capabilities while enabling gasless transactions. To achieve this, the two parties outline a plan that includes developing both on and off-chain components and the creation of a comprehensive gasless SDK.

As a validator on the Fuse network, Etherspot assumes the critical role of a guardian, not only maintaining the network but also actively contributing to its future trajectory. Validators are pivotal in steering the network through a governance mechanism, enabling Fuse token holders to participate in crucial decisions and upgrades, influencing the network’s development and resource allocation.

What you need to know 

  • Fuse and Etherspot have formed a strategic partnership to enhance scalability in the Web3 space using Etherspot’s multi-chain ERC-4337 development platform.
  • Etherspot will run a Validator node on the Fuse Network, contributing to governance and network maintenance while promoting the partnership through marketing initiatives and empowering developers with Account Abstraction tools.
  • The collaboration aims to improve the user experience of Web3 applications by addressing usability issues.
  • The partnership involves the development of on-chain and off-chain components, including a gasless SDK, to boost Fuse Network’s scalability and enable gasless transactions.

CEO of Fuse Mark Smargon said on the partnership, “We’ve collaborated closely with the Etherspot team and have shared a longstanding professional relationship. Their unwavering commitment to their expertise is truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to formalize this partnership and embark on a journey to push the boundaries of what Web3 payments on Fuse.”

Key Partnership Details

  • Integration Services: Etherspot will provide integration services, which involve the on-chain deployment of essential smart contracts such as EntryPoint, Paymaster, and Wallet Factory contracts. These contracts are pivotal components for achieving scalability and enabling gasless transactions.
  • Monthly Services: Etherspot will continue to offer monthly services that encompass running a node, performing upgrades, and ensuring maintenance for on-chain contracts, paymaster, and API services on both testnet and mainnet. 

Expanding the Partnership

This partnership is poised to significantly impact the scalability and usability of the Fuse Network, opening up new possibilities for gasless transactions and enhancing blockchain capabilities for developers, merchants, and businesses. Moreover, It demonstrates the potential for collaboration between innovative companies to drive meaningful advancements in Web3 applications. 

Harness Powerful Account Abstraction Tools

Developers within the Fuse ecosystem can now harness the power of Etherspot’s comprehensive suite of Account Abstraction tools. These include the Prime AA SDK, ERC-4337 Skandha Bundler, Arka Paymaster, and data APIs. 

These tools empower developers to make their Web3 applications ERC-4337 compliant and implement a wide array of features such as Web2-like onboarding, a seamless multichain experience, fiat on/off ramps, gasless transactions, recovery guardians, and much more!

Getting Started with Etherspot’s ERC-4337 Infrastructure

Comprehensive documentation is available for developers eager to journey with Etherspot’s ERC-4337 infrastructure. To explore these resources, visit https://etherspot.fyi/getting-started.

Using Etherspot’s TransactionKit

Another excellent option for developers looking to embrace Account Abstraction on Fuse is Etherspot’s TransactionKit. This powerful smart account React library simplifies Web3 development. Learn more about how to integrate it seamlessly.

Join the Decentralized Web3 Future

The path towards a more decentralized and intuitive Web3 is a collective effort. Fuse is proud to be an integral part of a community that shares our commitment to pioneering the future of Web3. 
As the partnership unfolds, we will keep the community abreast of developments. Bookmark our blog, sign up for our newsletter, and follow our social media channels to stay current.

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