Fuse Charge — Making Blockchain Payments Easier Than Ever With Simple APIs

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Fuse Charge

The Fuse Labs team is happy to announce the launch of Charge. This developer-friendly blockchain payments platform allows businesses to take full advantage of programmable, borderless transactions with no blockchain development experience using simple APIs.

Business adoption will be the most significant mainstream driver of blockchain technology. Today, we take a giant leap forward in making business adoption more accessible than ever!

Charge is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) payments platform that enables businesses and developers with payment superpowers that are not available in the existing financial system:

  • Fast & secure borderless transactions
  • Easy customer loyalty programs with micropayments and microlending
  • Programmable financial systems with custom token creation

Fuse Charge is now available to a select number of developers for a closed beta. We are building the go-to blockchain payments API toolkit and are actively looking for feedback from professional developers (no blockchain experience required) to build practical APIs that the community needs. Sign up to participate in the closed beta below:

Lessons learned

The team at Fuse Labs is devoted to bringing blockchain to the masses. Since arriving on the crypto scene, Fuse’s distinguishing feature has been mobile-centric infrastructure, appropriate for a world where more people have smartphones than bank accounts.

Charge builds on top of our learnings from Fuse Studio, a zero-code platform featuring token minting functionalities and user management tools enabling anyone to create community-centric payment systems (or “economies”) within minutes. This led to thousands of MVP communities, many of which became long-term, real-world implementations.

We learned from this experience that professional developers need a toolkit with more depth than what the no-code interface could provide, one that solves a specific issue and can quickly implement it into their products.

Fuse Charge is focused on developer-oriented APIs and a full blockchain payments infrastructure for merchants, businesses, and decentralized projects.

What’s going to happen to the Fuse Studio?

Fuse Studio is being discontinued over time. The platform’s functionality will stay working until further notice. However, starting today (Monday, June 27th, 23:59 CET), users will no longer be able to create new economies.

Much of Fuse Studio’s most useful functionality is already available via Charge in a more convenient form via APIs. We invite our entire developer community to switch to Charge today!

Our team is always available to help with the transition. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@chargeweb3.com.

Getting started with Fuse Charge

To get a taste of the Fuse Charge platform, developers can already start creating accounts:

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