Fuse Joins Forces with NexusPay for Smooth Crypto Payments

Fuse is excited to announce a new partnership with NexusPay – the premier stablecoin account solution. Together, we’ll work to tackle the limitations of traditional financial systems, empowering communities and remote areas with tools for economic participation.

Built with the FuseBox Web SDK, NexusPay makes digital assets and stablecoins more accessible and readily available to our global user base.  As a one-stop solution for Account Abstraction apps, Fuse simplifies and reduces transaction costs, offering users a seamless experience for saving, sending, and receiving funds. For many unbanked and underbanked users in Africa, this offers an alternative to restrictive and expensive traditional banking methods for cross-border transactions.

NexusPay integrates with the Fuse blockchain, democratizing the financial landscape in Africa by combining our robust web3 payment ecosystem and the app’s intuitive digital dollar accounts. Users will benefit from fast, low-cost, and borderless transactions, along with the ability to convert local fiat currencies into Digital Dollars seamlessly. Under this collaboration, we will also work towards enhancing noncustodial finance, reducing costs and risks while improving transaction volume and user experience.

By making use of the FuseBox suite for operators, we are able to add tremendous value by sponsoring gas with Account Abstraction (AA). We streamline contract-level operations, reducing both friction and gas fees to make transactions smoother and more efficient.

Fuse brings in advanced contract logic to replace traditional whitelists for gas sponsorship, so users can enjoy enhanced security features like multi-signature options, recovery methods, and delegated execution. New features such as social recovery, meta-transactions, and account abstraction will make managing accounts easier and more secure. Users will be able to batch transactions together, simplifying tasks like approving and swapping tokens. Furthermore, onboarding new users will be more straightforward, with the ability to create accounts on their behalf and use third-party services for key recovery.

Griffins Oduol and Nashons Agate, Founders of NexusPay, said: “ Fuse is at the forefront of finance in blockchain and their robust platform is well-suited for innovative solutions.  We are confident that partnering with Fuse is the right move to make financial services more accessible and efficient for users across Africa.”

By combining the strengths of Fuse’s expansive web3 payment platform and NexusPay’s cutting-edge stablecoin solutions, we’re creating a gateway to effortless and inclusive crypto transfers. Users will benefit from fast, low-cost, and borderless transactions, along with the ability to convert local fiat currencies into Digital Dollars seamlessly.

Both companies are committed to promoting inclusion and financial freedom, which is now a mere click away.

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