Fuse Partners with Shoebill Finance to Unlock New Earning Opportunities

Fuse is thrilled to integrate with Shoebill Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for leveraged investment services across the WEMIX, Klaytn, and Manta Pacific ecosystems. Users borrow assets held in Shoebill to increase the size of their investment and pay interest. The protocol optimizes user returns by creating a circular economy where investors and depositors support each other’s returns.

As a finance-first blockchain platform, we understand the importance of increasing the reach and return capabilities of FUSE tokens. By listing sFUSE, the liquid staking token of the Fuse network on Shoebill Finance, we’ll open create new earning opportunities for holders. The focus is not only on increasing the utility of sFUSE but also growing adoption and integration of the Fuse network within the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

With sFUSE now available on Shoebill Finance, users can deposit sFUSE as collateral to borrow other assets. This integration provides a unique advantage, allowing users to access liquidity without forfeiting their staking income. By strategically borrowing and lending, users can maximize their returns and enhance their overall DeFi experience. This development signifies a pivotal step forward in the Fuse network’s mission to offer versatile and profitable financial solutions to its community.

To start putting their sFUSE to work on Shoebill Finance, users need to connect their Voltage Finance wallet to the platform. Once connected, navigate to the “Lending” section. Here, you can select the “Supply” option and deposit sFUSE tokens as collateral to unlock various earning opportunities without losing on any staking income.

With your sFUSE deposited as collateral, you can now proceed to borrow FUSE. Go to the “Borrow” section on Shoebill Finance, enter the desired amount of FUSE you wish to borrow, and confirm the transaction. This borrowed FUSE can then be used towards to borrow other assets for leveraged investments. Support for more assets will be added in the future, including ETH and USDT/USDC.

Users can choose to maximize their earnings by staking the borrowed FUSE on Voltage Finance. To do so, navigate to the “Earn” section on Voltage Finance and select the staking option. Enter the amount of FUSE you wish to stake and confirm the transaction. Staking on Voltage Finance generates more sFUSE, further increasing the potential for earnings and reinforcing the interconnected benefits of utilizing both Shoebill Finance and Voltage Finance.

Voltage Finance offers a robust platform for staking and earning additional returns on FUSE tokens. The integrates activities between Shoebill Finance and Voltage Finance create a cycle of continuous earnings. If you stake your borrowed FUSE you can generate more sFUSE, which can then be used for further borrowing or additional staking. A safe and reliable way to optimize your DeFi strategy and maximizing your returns.

To mark the integration, we are featuring a quest in the Season 2 Fuse Airdrop. Users can earn by lending sFUSE and borrowing FUSE, as well as by participating in an upcoming Galxe community campaign with various social and on-chain tasks. Additionally, Shoebill users will accumulate points from both Fuse and Shoebill airdrops. 

This seamless integration between Shoebill Finance and Voltage Finance provides liquidity and amplifies users’ earning potential. We are excited about this collaboration as it creates new ways for holders and investors to make the most of their sFUSE and FUSE tokens. 

Shoebill Finance’s comprehensive solution for leveraged investments will further support our commitment towards financial growth and inclusion. This is a major step towards unlocking value for FUSE holders and creating a circular economy with access to more low-risk and high-potential returns. 

Shoebill Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that provides leveraged investment services on multiple EVM networks and BTC layer2s. Investors borrow assets deposited in Shoebill to maximize the size of their investment and pay interest. 

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