Fuse Partners with Web3 Wallet Tweed

Tweed Web3 Wallet

We are delighted to announce an official partnership between Tweed and Fuse. Tweed’s self-custodial Web3 wallet and payment infrastructure helps builders create seamless and immersive Web3 experiences on Fuse with minimal integration work. 

With the advent of Web3 payments and experiences becoming mainstream, mobile-first, and user-friendly, intuitive wallet infrastructure is essential. Tweed provides the infrastructure layer bridging blockchain and mainstream users through robust technology and a low-code SDK

As an Operator in the Fuse ecosystem, Tweed extends its Web3 wallet functionality to businesses and merchants that want to embrace Web3 features. Developers can embed Tweed-powered wallets into their current app and offer transactions and loyalty systems on Fuse Network, benefitting from lightning-fast, global transactions alongside ultra-low fees. 

Tweed’s wallet-as-a-service is entirely white-label, enabling developers to keep their brand front and center and own their UI/UX.

How Tweed Integrates Fuse

Businesses that want to offer Tweed’s wallet-as-a-service can operate on Fuse and extend payments and token transfers on the network. Transactions in FUSE cost a fraction of a cent and take place instantaneously, offering SMEs and merchants new payment options. Tweed’s wallet-as-a-service is 100% self-custodial, removing any custodial regulatory burden from platforms and ensuring a genuinely compliant solution to users globally.

Furthermore, businesses can build loyalty and reward schemes utilizing Tweed’s Web3 wallet solution and Fuse token assets. By harnessing the power of the Fuse blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these programs are designed to provide unique and exclusive benefits to loyal customers, fostering more profound engagement, trust, and innovation. With Tweed’s NFT checkout solution, platforms can also sell NFTs to traditional Web2 users: buyers can pay with fiat, using their debit or credit card, for a traditional e-commerce experience.

Tweed is pleased to offer 3 months free of the wallet-as-a-service solution to Fuse developers who sign up by Dec 31., 2023, making self-custodial wallet creation even more accessible for platforms building on Fuse.

Getting Started with Tweed on Fuse 

Tweed provides comprehensive resources for developers and businesses seeking to integrate Tweed’s solutions into their mobile apps and services. The docs outline vital steps and best practices for successful integration. They provide code examples and practical instructions to facilitate the integration with Fuse Network. Currently, Tweed’s solutions support the following Fuse token assets: 


What is Tweed? 

Tweed provides the infrastructure layer bridging blockchain and mainstream users through robust technology and a low-code SDK. The Tweed SDK is a one-stop shop for platforms building on Web3, letting developers and businesses focus on creating unique and exciting experiences on the Fuse Network.

With Tweed’s wallet-as-a-service, the platform can open up wallets for users seamlessly and control which features are exposed to the user, providing their own UI and user flows and building open or closed environments for their users.

Tweed also offers a user-friendly NFT Checkout solution to simplify the NFT buying and selling process. Buyers can use their debit or credit card to purchase NFTs without needing a Web3 wallet or cryptocurrency. They also don’t need to worry about configuring the blockchain on which the NFT is built. In these ways, Tweed’s NFT checkout allows platforms to sell digital collectible items in a way that masks the complexity of blockchain technology from the purchaser. 

Tweed Wallet on Fuse Network 

It is essential for Fuse Network to partner with non-custodial wallet providers for several key reasons:

Operators: Tweed becomes a Fuse Network Operator, extending their self-custodial wallet stack to businesses and merchants. 

User Accessibility: Collaborating with non-custodial wallet providers improves accessibility for users. 

Wider Adoption: Fuse Network can tap into the existing user base of non-custodial wallet providers, potentially leading to increased adoption of the network’s features and tokens.

Security and Control: Non-custodial wallets allow users complete control over their funds and private keys. 

Decentralization: Non-custodial wallets align with the principles of decentralization that blockchain networks like Fuse aim to achieve. 

Interoperability: Partnering with multi-chain providers like Tweed allows Fuse Network to benefit from cross-chain interoperability, enabling seamless interaction with other blockchain ecosystems.

These partnerships promote a secure, user-centric, and interconnected environment within the Fuse Network, fostering trust and encouraging broader participation in its blockchain for business applications and services.

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