Fuse Redefines Customer Engagement With Web3


Fuse guides businesses from the established Web2 toward the untapped potential of Web3, despite its integration complexities. Fuse’s high-speed, secure platform with fixed low fees is designed for enterprise needs, and its robust ecosystem of partners aids in building and deploying Web3 applications. 

Transitioning to Web3 requires businesses to reevaluate their systems to identify potential areas for transformation, such as payments and customer engagement, all while maintaining security, trust, and privacy.

The decentralized nature of Web3 allows businesses to interact directly with customers, fostering a trustworthy ecosystem. Moreover, secure decentralized identity solutions and encryption techniques protect personal data. 

Web3 is redefining customer engagement by enabling direct business-to-customer interaction, enhancing brand authenticity and trust. Furthermore, it empowers businesses to provide personalized experiences by leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics. 

Tokenizing assets with blockchain technology democratizes investment access and attracts a broader investor base. Meanwhile, Web3 significantly impacts backend operations by streamlining enterprise workflows, reducing time and costs, and increasing transparency.

Fuse focuses on Web3 payments & businesses 

Fuse was launched in 2019 to offer businesses and developers a comprehensive suite of infrastructure tools to enable Web3 payments on their applications, making it easy to unlock and extend their functionalities. 

The underlying blockchain is a Layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible, making it easy to port or migrate existing applications created for the Ethereum network or other EVM-compatible networks. The Fuse blockchain maintains a sub-5-second average block generation time, with transactions costing as little as $0.001. The Native Token is FUSE.

Fuse SDK and API allow companies to plug Web3 services and crypto payments into their existing mobile applications. The product provides an easy way for companies looking to upgrade their apps and save on development costs.

A blockchain for business 

To make the Fuse Network suitable for everyday payments, we have been pioneering the development of Account Abstraction since 2019 and researching the integration of privacy functions using innovative Web3 solutions like smart contract wallets, Decentralized Identifier solutions (DIDs), non-transferable tokens representing a person’s identity (SBTs).

Alongside these efforts, we are rolling out advanced payment features and services, such as accounting, invoicing, recurring and automated payments, credit scoring, consumer protection, and more.

Overall, Fuse allows businesses and communities to build customized mobile-first payment solutions (digital tokens and wallets) and embrace DeFi services at a low cost in terms of money and time without the hassle of dealing with complex blockchain processes.

By quickly creating a mobile-first environment with Fuse, an organization turns its audience from a simple community into a whole micro-economy. And the end-user profits from this, leveraging fast, cheap (a fee for a Fuse transaction is lower than 1 US Cent), accurate, and sophisticated mobile payments.

Integrate Web3 in minutes 

The Fuse wallet is an iOS and Android non-custodial Web3 wallet — it can be used in any EVM-compatible blockchain. It offers a pre-built set of functions and utilities for creating, managing, and engaging with Fuse Smart Wallets in client applications securely and efficiently. 

Fuse Smart Wallets are smart contract wallets associated with each user’s Externally Owned Account (EOA) that provide added security compared to traditional EOAs with a single private key. With Fuse Smart Wallets, users can deposit funds that no one else can control and withdraw at any time.

Fuse Smart Wallet Provides Several Significant Benefits, Including;

  • Enhanced security: Fuse Smart Wallets are non-custodial accounts that allow users to deposit funds that no one else can control and withdraw at any time. Each Fuse Smart Wallet is a smart contract associated with the user’s EOA and can only be controlled by that user.
  • Enhanced UX: Fuse Smart Wallets support gasless transactions, improving the user experience and making it more seamless to interact with the blockchain.
  • Better developer experience: The Fuse Wallet SDK abstracts away the complexities of web3 development, such as cryptography, wallet management, and smart contract interactions, making it easier for developers to build blockchain-based applications.

Redefining Customer Engagement

Integrating Web3 can redefine customer engagement in ways not possible with traditional financial systems. Cryptocurrencies facilitate direct engagement between businesses and customers by operating on a decentralized network. This new model promotes peer-to-peer transactions, fostering more substantial and immediate customer relationships.

Transparency and trust, which are central to customer engagement, are also significantly improved with blockchain technology. Blockchain, the foundational technology of Web3, provides an immutable record of transactions that customers can verify themselves. This leads to enhanced trust, as customers have complete visibility into their transactions.

Alongside transparency, the security offered by cryptocurrencies is superior to traditional payment methods. Cryptographic technology ensures that transactions are secure and customer data is well-protected, increasing customer confidence and trust in businesses.

Efficiency is another advantage that crypto transactions have over traditional financial systems. They are often faster, especially for cross-border payments, and can provide customers with a more seamless and hassle-free transaction experience.

Furthermore, the advent of smart contracts on blockchain networks opens up new opportunities for personalized rewards and loyalty programs. Businesses can incentivize customer engagement and retention by rewarding them with crypto tokens that hold real-world value.

Cryptocurrencies enable financial inclusion, allowing the unbanked or underbanked to participate in the global economy. Businesses adopting crypto payments can also set themselves apart as innovative and forward-thinking, attracting a demographic of customers that value attributes such attributes. 

Let’s talk 

Web3 crypto payments and rewards are an exciting development with the potential to revolutionize customer engagement. They offer improved transparency, security, efficiency, and personalization, fostering more substantial and meaningful relationships between businesses and their customers.

Using the non-custodial Fuse Wallet SDK, brands and businesses can quickly integrate Web3 payments and start experimenting with rewards and tokens.

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