Fuse Staking V2: Participate in Network Consensus and Earn Rewards

Fuse Staking

Fuse Staking is a powerful decentralized application (dApp) that empowers users to stake their FUSE tokens on-chain, actively contribute to the network’s consensus mechanism, and earn rewards. The user interface received a complete overhaul, and we invite the community to participate. 

By staking your FUSE tokens, you support the security and integrity of the Fuse blockchain and earn rewards for your participation. In this article, we’ll guide you through getting started with Fuse Staking and provide valuable insights into becoming a validator.

Get Started with Fuse Staking

The first step to embark on your staking journey is to have a compatible wallet. Click the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner of the Fuse Staking interface to explore the options. Connect your wallet to the Fuse Network RPC to ensure seamless functionality.

Fuse Staking

Once successfully connected, the new interface will display comprehensive information about the current validators on the Fuse Network. This includes vital details such as the total amounts staked, individual validator statistics, annual percentage yield (APY), and validator uptime.

Armed with this valuable data, you can make informed decisions regarding selecting validators for staking your tokens. To ease the process, use the filters at the top to see Open and Active validators only. This will ensure you save time trying to stake on a validator that is either full, closed, or inactive.

Once you find a validator with desirable conditions, select one and click on the validator info box to get more detailed info. It’s important to note that you retain complete control over your staked tokens and can unstake them anytime. Fuse Staking allows you to manage your assets according to your preferences and investment strategy.

The example below shows detailed information for the Fuse Prime Validator. Here we see 99.5% uptime and a 15% fee; currently, 269 users have delegated their Fuse tokens to Fuse Prime.

Fuse Staking

Becoming a Validator on the Fuse Network

For individuals with the technical know-how and a desire to play a more active role in the network consensus, becoming a validator is an enticing opportunity. As a validator, you contribute to the decentralization and security of the Fuse Network by running a full node and staking a minimum of 100K FUSE tokens. 

However, it’s essential to note that being a validator requires technical expertise and a deep understanding of the underlying infrastructure. If you lack technical knowledge, delegating your tokens to trusted validators may be more suitable.

Fuse Staking V2 

Fuse Staking offers a gateway to participate in the consensus mechanism of the Fuse Network while earning rewards for your contribution. Whether you stake your FUSE tokens or aspire to become a validator, Fuse Staking empowers you to shape the network’s future actively. 

Join the vibrant community of stakers and validators today to unlock the full potential of Fuse Network.

Note: Staking involves financial risk, and conducting thorough research and exercising caution when engaging in any staking activities is essential.

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