Getting started with Fuse Studio API

In this guide you will get an overview of how to integrate to Fuse. We will go over interacting pro-grammatically with your community contracts using the Fuse Studio API on the Fuse Network. You’re going to issue your own token and launch a community, editing token permissions (like minting), and adding entities — users and business to your community. You can view how each step is affecting you community in the Fuse Studio DApp, after the community is issued open{youCommunityAddress} in your browser.

Go to our github repo to read the full guide 🙂

What can you do with the Studio Contract and API:

  • Launch a community backed by your own token or DAI
  • Configure the community to your needs by adding minters, community admins, and edit token transfer rules.
  • Onboard businesses to your community, then use our fuse-wallet to introduce the community to your users.


Another exciting thing we are rolling out gradually is the transition of our API’s to GraphQL using The Graph Protocol. This will provide an easy and flexible way to query data on the Fuse Network. And will spare us from doing the blockchain indexing ourselves (If you read carefully the guide you saw it’s not perfect). This effort is under development, and new API’s will be added from week to week.

Existing queries:

Planned / under development:

  • Account token balances
  • List of launched communities
  • List of community businesses and users

To explore the Fuse network go to fuse-qa subgraph

To explore the Ethereum side of the Fuse Network go to fuse-ropsten subgraph (mainnet will come soon)

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to join our Discord group

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