How Fuse and Bitazza are Bringing Blockchain into Your Real Life


We are partnering with innovative teams at Fuse to change how businesses and customers make payments. We’re pleased to share more about Bitazza, an innovative company using our tech to bring blockchain payments to real-life events.

Imagine if you could use blockchain technology to book travel or create a mini-economy and immersive customer experience for your business. That is precisely what Fuse partner Bitazza is doing.

They are bringing blockchain to the masses through their Freedom Wallet and have several innovative examples of how blockchain can be used to create an immersive closed-loop community while also getting access to valuable data that can be used to improve supply chains, customer retention, and data-driven insights.

Let’s find out more about what they’re doing…

Who is Bitazza?

Bitazza was initially born as a digital asset broker with a presence in South East Asia and is expanding globally. They aim to seamlessly bridge the traditional world to the digital world by rolling out B2B2C actual use cases with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing and supercharging business worldwide. From loyalty programs to using crypto for bookings to NFTs for festivals, they use Fuse’s blockchain technology to bring blockchain to life.

With their Freedom Wallet, all of the things we love about Web3 — the ease, the speed, the community — are available in our daily lives too.


Blockchain has made it possible for anyone to create their ecosystem. From communities based around NFTs to protocols running their economies, blockchain has proven to be an excellent tool for building your world.

Bitazza is bringing this into real-life experiences, businesses, and events too.

An excellent example is at festivals, where organizers can run the entire festival built around their token. Mystic Valley Festival in Thailand did just this; issuing their token, which festival-goers can use to purchase goods while there.

It is incredibly user-friendly and feels like using a web2 app (but better!). Transactions are fast and cheap; festival attendees can use their token balance to buy drinks, send funds to friends, and buy merch.

It has everything we love about blockchain but in your real life!

Which industry do you think would be leading the way with blockchain adoption? If Bitazza’s partners are anything to go by, the music and nightlife industries are leading the way!

Mustache Bangkok and Epic Entertainment use blockchain to make their parties, events, and concerts more immersive. The ravers can download their app, load their balance, and party on the blockchain. Not only is this convenient and fun, but it helps to build a loyal community.

It’s been a great experience working with the Freedom Wallet solution for EPIC Entertainment events. This has positioned us to become one of the first event organizers in Thailand to adopt Blockchain technology. Payment activities at the events were smooth, seamless, convenient and very cost-effective. These are all the things event organizers highly value.

Furthermore, the EPIC Entertainment’s element of community and constant roll-out of events were a great way to keep customers coming back.

Loyalty programs, but make them Web3

We’ve probably got many loyalty cards in our bags, half filled with stamps. While the “big boys” have been using online loyalty programs for years, it is difficult for smaller businesses to compete with them, so they have to go with the paper cards that often get lost and are not fun.

Blockchain technology allows even smaller businesses to up their game and gets in on the online loyalty train. From beauty salons to physios to coffee shops, everyone now has access to the type of technology and experience that was once reserved for those with deep pockets.

Now, you don’t just go to Mustache to a party or BKK Cafe and Sports Bar to watch the game. Now, you can be part of their communities, spend their tokens, and earn rewards. Party-to-earn, when?

And for the business owners, how would this benefit your business? It could help with customer retention by gamifying the experience of using your services. You could add push notifications to stay in touch with customers and offer tickets or online packages that customers can buy without going through costly third parties.

Getting from A to B on the blockchain with Bitazza

Another way that Bitazza is using Fuse’s technology to bring Web3 to the masses is through travel apps. Working with the Thai ferry provider Raja Ferry, users can download the Freedom Wallet app to join the Raja Ferry community and use it to purchase tickets to travel to top travel destinations in Thailand, such as Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Payments in Asia are already leaning heavily towards apps, and Fuse and Bitazza are helping to bring these payments onto the blockchain.

NFTs with real-world utility

Another exciting way Bitazza brings Web3 to life is by using NFTs to verify identities and “levels.” Want to get into the VIP area? Show your VIP NFT, and you’re in. This is an excellent feature for festivals, events, clubs, and membership programs. It also simplifies the process for the users. No more losing your VIP pass or wanting to buy one but not being able to find out how.

Just get on the app and purchase or get your VIP NFT as a reward.

We are excited about bringing the ease and flexibility of blockchain technology to real-life events. Imagine a festival where everything is done via a blockchain-powered app, from buying a drink to show your VIP pass to instantly sending funds to a friend. In the same way, you can buy tokens, mint NFTs, and instantly send funds. With Fuse and Bitazza, you can do this IRL too.

Data made easy

Beyond the customer-facing benefits businesses can enjoy, blockchain technology can simplify supply chains and increase the availability of data on customer behavior. Returning to the festival, cash or card payments don’t help the business keep track of supply.

Still, by integrating with blockchain technology, the staff can easily keep track of their stock and stay on top of things. It could even be automated to notify them if the stock falls below a certain level.

You also get information about how customers behave and interact with your goods and services. Rather than having to record what customers are doing actively, blockchain systems can easily collect all the information that a business needs to use data to its advantage.

This kind of insight usually is only available to large companies that can hire consultants or teams to manage their data. Still, anyone can now have top-level insights into how customers use their business.

This sounds great, but can Bitazza already be used?

Yes. Bitazza and Fuse are all about making technology accessible and easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert developer to set up your token community.

The tech is ready-to-use and easy to customize for your business model. You don’t need to buy any additional hardware, and the experience for users is amicable and easy to understand. Most of us are used to using apps in our daily life, and now you can have one, too (no tech team necessary!).

Businesses worldwide can now reach out to Bitazza about enabling their use cases as token communities on the Freedom Wallet app. They can sign up here.

This is the beginning of the real-world use we’ve all been waiting for.

We’re still early

Bitazza is one of the first companies to bring the flexibility of blockchain to real-world events. We are thrilled to be working with them to help businesses take advantage of what blockchain offers, and we are excited about the future.

We could soon see festivals where everything exists on the blockchain or even incentive programs where people get points for doing specific actions and can use those points to buy goods or mint membership NFTs. Just as we have seen the possibilities blossom online, we will soon see blockchain moving into our daily lives.

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