How to add functionality to your community? Introducing: plug-ins

One of the strengths of the Fuse platform is the ability to easily add business logic and complicated features to your community of users. This is enabled by the use of smart contracts and leveraging their compo-sable nature to allow non-technical users of the Studio to embed intricate behaviors within their products and communities without doing the heavy-lifting of developing everything from scratch. We believe that smart contracts make the most sense when they are developed, used and battle-tested by as many people in order to be trusted and over time provide real cost reduction for companies that build on them.

To use the plug-ins, you first need to launch a community on Fuse using the Studio. After launching the community, you can use the bridge to move assets to Fuse.

This is necessary in in order to access the plug-ins page where you will see a list of all the options. Here are the plug-ins in the plug-in store, we grouped the first plug-ins that we built from request we received:

  • Business list: The business list holds a list of merchants and lets you manage their metadata and allow your users to purchase from them. All using contract and IPFS.
  • Join Bonus: The join bonus plug-in adds a new user funder account which you can distribute automatically your tokens to new users that download the app.
  • Fiat ramp: We have created integration with Coindirect, Moonpay, Carbon, Wyre, Ramp fiat gateways that allow you to embed the relevant payment option (credit/debit cards and banks wires) inside your app and even show several option for your clients to choose from. The integration allows your users to top their account without you holding any custody in the process! Here is how:

We have several plug-ins in the oven to be announced soon. Have a plug-in you require and you think is a good fit for Fuse? let us know:

Fuse Studio plug-in page

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