How to Participate in Liquid Staking on Voltage Finance DEX

How to participate in liquid staking on Voltage Finance DEX

As part of the comprehensive suite of DeFi products offered on the Fuse Network, users can engage in sFUSE liquid staking on Voltage Finance to earn attractive yields. The sFUSE token is a liquid staked FUSE token which allows you to be part of the consensus mechanism of the blockchain and earn yield while also adding a layer of utility on top.

Here’s a simple liquid staking guide showcasing how to start staking your FUSE tokens and receive sFUSE to earn daily APY, or also be used as collateral on Meridian Lend.

Note: Before following the guide make sure you added Fuse Network to your wallet and have FUSE tokens on it.

sFUSE liquid staking step-by-step guide: 

  1. Navigate to the Voltage Finance DEX staking page and connect your wallet.
  2. Click on the Stake FUSE for sFUSE section.
  3. Enter the amount of FUSE tokens you want to stake in the liquid staking contract.
  4. Click on Stake and confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will lock your FUSE tokens in the liquid staking contract and you will receive an sFUSE token amount representing your liquid staked position.

You can unstake your FUSE tokens at any time by switching to the Unstake tab and following the same process.

Learn more about the liquid staking mechanics here.

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