Introducing DAI points

In the last few weeks we have been rolling out our brand new Fuse wallet and we though it’s time to explain a bit about the default community we created in order to guide new users in the app and a bit about our future plans.

The DAI points is a default community that every user opts-in by default after installing the wallet. It was created using the Fuse Studio which allows any community manager to create a custom token or use an existing token on Ethereum like DAI, USDT etc… The community manager control the content and experience that his users will see in the wallet and reward them for doing small tasks.

In order to demonstrate this functionality we created DAI points which is live on the Fuse network and is pegged 1:100 to real DAI on Ethereum Mainnet. Which means that every new user get up to 100 DAI points for onboarding to the Fuse wallet and those are worth 1 DAI.

Because DAI points are backed by actual DAI on Mainnet which accrues interest, every user that holds DAI points is automatically joined to a weekly lottery. The lottery is distributing the interest payments collected on behalf of the users in a fun game that shows users the collected interest in real time with your chances to win.

In the next few releases we are slowly adding Ethereum Mainnet support, so users will be able to convert between DAI points on Fuse and actual DAI on Mainnet! So stay tuned and get the Fuse wallet to your phone:


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