Introducing Fuse Console: A One-Stop Shop For Fuse Token Holders

Fuse Console

Alongside the launch of FuseBox, the Fuse Console will usher in a new era of streamlined development, business, and community opportunities on Fuse Network. 

Blockchain technology is complicated enough without the added complexities of navigating multiple platforms to perform simple actions. Swapping tokens, using this DEX, bridging assets, you need that platform, oh now you want to collect your bridged funds, you need to use this platform, and so on.

Arguably, the world is founded on simplicity. Blockchain and crypto are anything but simple. That is, until now. 

Introducing the Fuse Console

Fuse Console is a one-stop shop for Fuse token holders and the wider community. The Console combines critical Fuse Network services such as bridging, staking, and token purchases. It will soon evolve to cater to businesses and developers that want to build on Fuse using one-click solutions and ready-made templates. 

Currently, The Fuse Console is a one-stop shop for Fuse token holders. From this central location, users can get FUSE with fiat currencies, stake tokens for on-chain rewards, or bridge assets to and from the Fuse Network from other EVM blockchains. 

Community members and token holders can connect to the Fuse Console using an existing blockchain wallet such as Metamask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase. Once connected, users can access bridging, token purchase, and staking services. 

However, the new Fuse Connect modal is a real kicker for those without a wallet. 

No Wallet? No Problem! 

Using Fuse Connect, powered by Web3 Auth, a new user can generate a wallet on the Fuse blockchain in under 30 seconds using a social login such as Email, Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Once set up, these new users can access token bridging, purchases, and staking services to become a more significant part of the Fuse ecosystem without the typical hassles of creating a blockchain wallet. 

The Fuse Connect modal showcases the powerful and user-friendly Fuse tech stack. Developers building on Fuse or businesses that want to integrate crypto payments can integrate Fuse Connect into their existing mobile apps and services using FuseBox to give users seamless access to Web3. 

Console Guides 

These guides can help you make full use of the Fuse Console:  

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