Introducing Voltage Launchpad: Fuelling DeFi Growth on Fuse Network

Voltage Launchpad

The Voltage Launchpad is a DeFi platform designed to support and incubate innovative projects on the Fuse Network. Think of it as crowdfunding for startups in the cryptocurrency world. It provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers to transform their blockchain ideas into reality.

Before diving into the Voltage Launchpad, let’s understand why DeFi is crucial for Fuse. Fuse Network is a blockchain platform focused on businesses, everyday payments, and decentralized applications (dApps). It focuses on creating a seamless experience for users and developers, making it an excellent choice for DeFi.

Fuse is known for its scalability, low transaction fees, and fast confirmation times. These features make it an ideal playground for DeFi projects, as they require a robust and cost-effective infrastructure to thrive. Unlike other blockchains, where high gas fees can deter small-scale users, Fuse Network ensures that DeFi is accessible. 

Now, let’s get into the heart of the matter: the Voltage Launchpad.

Voltage Launchpad

What is the Voltage Launchpad?

The Voltage Launchpad operates as an arm of Voltage Finance, the leading DEX on Fuse. The Launchpad is a platform that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to launch their DeFi projects on Fuse Network. It acts as a catalyst for the growth of DeFi on Fuse, offering a range of benefits to its users. 

Here are some key benefits of using the Voltage Launchpad for your DeFi project:

Liquidity provision

Voltage Launchpad helps DeFi projects by providing them with the necessary liquidity to kickstart their operations. This liquidity comes from the Fuse Network community, creating a symbiotic relationship between projects and users.

Secure and transparent

One of the critical aspects of any DeFi platform is security and transparency. Voltage Launchpad incorporates smart contracts to ensure the fundraising process is secure and transparent, reducing the risk of fraud and scams.


Fuse Network has a vibrant and engaged community; Voltage Finance and its Launchpad are no exception. Projects launched on the platform benefit from the support of the Fuse community, which can be instrumental in their success.

How it works

Voltage provides a launchpad for projects to raise capital and gain exposure within the Fuse Network ecosystem. It leverages the community’s support and utilizes smart contracts to ensure a secure and transparent fundraising process.

In the Voltage ecosystem, loyalty and commitment are rewarded. By staking VOLT for veVOLT, you support the platform and increase your allocation’s size. A snapshot of every user’s veVOLT balance will be captured a few days before an official launch. Then, users can connect their wallet to the Launchpad page on our site to check their allowed allocation amount before the launch date.

Users with no veVOLT will receive a capped allocation significantly lower than those holding veVOLT. The more veVOLT you hold, the larger your allocation (up to a project-specific cap). This system is designed to benefit the most dedicated users, providing them with better opportunities.

EX: for every 10,000 veVOLT, a user may be eligible to buy $10 worth of the project’s token

The token launch process on the Voltage Launchpad is segregated into three defined phases: Deposit, Withdrawal, and Launch, each playing a crucial role. 

Mirakle IDO & veVOLT Snapshot 

Get ready for the first project launch: Mirakle is a game-changer in the world of perpetual trading (PERPs) on Fuse. With its innovative approach, low swap fees, zero price impact trades, and dynamic pricing.

Mirakle’s deployment on the Fuse Network is just the beginning. The roadmap ahead is filled with ambitious goals, including a community developer program, referral and bug bounty programs, interface enhancements, and the introduction of support for synthetic markets.

By staking VOLT for veVOLT before the IDO launch date, you support the platform and increase your allocation’s size. veVOLT Snapshots are happening on Sunday, October 1st. The official launch date of the Mirakle IDO will be announced soon. 

Stay tuned, and prepare for Mirakle DEX and the launch of Perpetual trading on Fuse!

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