Mirakle DEX IDO on Voltage Launchpad: Introducing Perpetuals Trading on Fuse

Mirakle DEX

Get ready for an exciting milestone in decentralized trading as Mirakle DEX prepares to be the first project to launch an IDO on the Voltage Finance Launchpad. This highly anticipated event combines two innovative platforms to revolutionize digital asset trading on Fuse Network.

What you need to know:

  • Before the Mirakle IDO launch on Voltage Launchpad, an IDO Gala takes place on Zealy. Participants can complete tasks and share in a $50,000 airdrop of QIJI, the platform’s utility and governance token. From 22:00 Sept 5 to 23:59 Sept 15 (UTC+7)
  • Mirakle DEX operates as a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange on Fuse, offering low swap fees and zero price impact trades. It features a unique multi-asset pool that benefits liquidity providers through fees earned from various trading activities.
  • Mirakle DEX is operational on the Fuse Network, and the IDO will launch soon.
  • Mirakle DEX operates on a dual-token system comprising Qiji and QLP. Qiji handles utility and governance, while QLP focuses on liquidity provision. 
  • Mirakle DEX is set to make history by becoming the first project to launch an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Voltage Finance Launchpad. This collaboration aims to transform digital asset trading on the Fuse Network.
  • Mirakle DEX’s launch on the Voltage Finance Launchpad is a significant step towards introducing innovative projects to the Fuse DeFi ecosystem. It promises a seamless experience for traders and opportunities for new token listings. 

Mirakle DEX’s launch through the Voltage Finance Launchpad provides a dynamic platform for introducing innovative projects to the Fuse DeFi ecosystem, enabling seamless experiences for traders and opening doors for new token listings. Moreover, Mirakle Perpetuals leverages Fuse’s cutting-edge technology to deliver lightning-fast transaction speeds and a user-friendly experience. 

The decentralized spot and perpetual exchange is already running on Fuse and support low swap fees and zero price impact trades. Trading is improved by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap, and leverage trading with dynamic pricing supported by SupraOracles.

$50,000 QIJ Airdrop 

Before the Mirakle IDO launch, the team Introduced Mirakle’s IDO Gala to mark the new project, held on Zealy. It offers a chance to complete small tasks and share an Airdrop of $50k worth of QIJI! Qiji is the platform’s utility and governance token. Holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.

Check out the Mirakle Quest board on Zealy to participate! 

This Mirakle IDO represents the first in a series of initiatives designed to supercharge the ecosystem and fuel the growth of DeFi on Fuse. At its core, Mirakle DEX will serve the Fuse blockchain ecosystem with all the main features of a decentralized exchange, such as token swaps and liquidity provision. Another feature that should excite the Fuse community is the addition of perpetual trading or PERPs.  

Introducing PERPs on Fuse

Adding perpetual futures (PERPs) to the Voltage and Fuse blockchain ecosystem offers users enhanced liquidity and a vibrant trading environment. It aids in price discovery, leading to transparent and accurate asset valuation. Additionally, traders can hedge against price volatility, mitigating risk and improving risk management. 

Market efficiency is improved as perpetual futures trading allows for efficient price adjustments and quicker responses to market information. It creates additional trading opportunities, fostering innovation and exploration. However, it’s essential to implement risk management measures and regulatory oversight to maintain a healthy and sustainable trading environment.

Decentralized trading platforms like Mirakle DEX are transforming how we trade digital assets, offering autonomy, transparency, security, inclusivity, and community governance. By launching on the Voltage Finance Launchpad, Mirakle DEX aims to amplify these benefits and drive the evolution of DeFi on Fuse.

The Dual-Token Ecosystem: QIJI and QLP

Mirakle DEX operates on a dual-token ecosystem consisting of Qiji and QLP. Qiji serves as the utility and governance token, earning 30% of the platform’s generated fees, while QLP, the liquidity provider token, receives the remaining 70% of the fees. 

Mirakle DEX is shaking up Perpetual Trading (PERPs) by offering low swap fees, zero price impact trades, and dynamic pricing supported by Supra Oracles and leading volume exchanges. 

PERPs contracts, a derivatives instrument, postpone payment and delivery until predetermined dates, whereas spot contracts are for immediate buying and selling. In contrast, a perpetual contract (a type of futures contract) lacks a fixed settlement time and an expiration date.

Once fully deployed on the Fuse Network, Mirakle DEX has an ambitious roadmap that includes objectives such as a community development program, referral and bug bounty programs, interface improvements, and support for synthetic markets. 

What is Mirakle DEX?

Mirakle DEX is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange set to shake up the trading landscape with its features and benefits. Let’s explore what makes Mirakle DEX stand out:

Seamless Launchpad Integration: By launching on the Voltage Finance Launchpad, Mirakle DEX can access a dynamic launch platform that facilitates introducing innovative projects to the DeFi ecosystem. This integration ensures a seamless experience for traders and a robust environment for new token listings.

Empowering Traders with Decentralization: Mirakle DEX removes the need for intermediaries, giving traders complete control over their assets and trading decisions. In addition, this decentralized approach eliminates the influence of traditional financial institutions, empowering users to participate in an open and transparent trading environment.

Enhanced Affordability and Efficiency: Mirakle DEX offers significantly lower fees than centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. As a result, traders can enjoy more cost-effective transactions, making it easier to maximize profits and explore various trading strategies.

Lightning-Fast Transactions: Thanks to its integration with Voltage Finance and Fuse, Mirakle DEX leverages the cutting-edge technology of the underlying network, ensuring lightning-fast transaction speeds. As a result, traders can execute trades with minimal latency, enhancing the overall trading experience.

User-Focused Approach: Mirakle DEX puts the user in the middle of its design, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies trading operations. From opening and managing positions to setting stop-loss and take-profit orders, Mirakle DEX prioritizes ease of use to ensure a seamless trading experience.

Fueling DeFi Innovation on Fuse

As Mirakle DEX fully deploys on Fuse, it sets the stage for other projects to leverage Fuse’s tech stack and tap into the Fuse ecosystem. The launchpad’s integration and the Fuse Ignite program provide exciting opportunities for new projects to join the DeFi revolution on Fuse. It fosters innovation, encourages community participation, and drives the evolution of DeFi by harnessing the power of Fuse’s technology.

The launch of Mirakle DEX on the Voltage Finance Launchpad signifies a monumental step towards DeFi on Fuse. Traders can anticipate a decentralized trading platform prioritizing autonomy, affordability, efficiency, and an exceptional user experience. This milestone begins a transformative journey that will unlock new possibilities within the Fuse ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mirakle DEX and the Voltage Finance Launchpad as they spearhead DeFi innovation and fuel the growth of the Fuse ecosystem. As new projects leverage Fuse’s tech stack, they will contribute to the vibrant and expanding DeFi landscape on Fuse, bringing us closer to a decentralized financial future.

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