Multi-Chain Browser Extension Wallet Rabby Now Supports Fuse


December 26, 2022

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Rabby Wallet

Rabby crypto wallet has added support for the Fuse Network blockchain, allowing users to store, send and receive FUSE and other Fuse-native assets, and interact with all Fuse dApps using the self-custody wallet.

As Fuse continues to grow and gain brand recognition throughout the crypto space, many companies are eager to collaborate with the team to bring crypto accessibility to the wider world. One major collaboration type needed to further adoption is with multichain crypto wallet providers.

Multichain wallets are an essential component of enabling the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. They give users exposure to blockchain technology and the option of trying out various blockchains to see which one best suits their needs. 

Rabby is a non-custodial wallet, meaning users will have access to their private keys and, therefore, full control over the security of their digital assets.

With this in mind, Fuse has been working diligently to integrate the Fuse Network into more mobile and extension wallets. So it is with great excitement we announce the integration with the multichain crypto wallet Rabby built by our partner DeBank

Smooth multi-chain user experience

Today’s Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has evolved into a multi-chain ecosystem, and almost every DeFi user is accessing multiple chains simultaneously. 

However, many traditional extension crypto wallets are only built for single-chain use initially, making it a difficult and cumbersome process if a client needs to use more than one chain for a transaction.

Rabby is designed for multi-chain scenarios and automatically switches its chain settings to the appropriate blockchain based on the DeFi dApp being accessed. Additionally, Rabby has a built-in user protection system that shows exactly which transaction the user is signing and the estimated balance change before signing a transaction, making for a more user-protected experience.

Get started on Rabby

You can create a new address in Rabby, or if you are already using Meta Mask, you can easily import your MetaMask account directly into Rabby. Other mobile, hardware, and institutional wallets can also be imported into Rabby.

If transitioning from MetaMask, you will be able to access all dApps that MetaMask supports but with the added flexibility of multi-chain access and the upgraded security of pre-sign check and estimated balance change. See the full setup guide here.

How Fuse integrates Rabby

Users can now add Fuse Network to the list of chains that their Rabby Wallet accounts are connected to and then store, send and receive FUSE. They will also be able to use all Fuse-native assets and interact with all Fuse dApps via the wallet.

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