Revolutionizing Event Experiences: Mystic Valley Festival Partners with Fuse Network for Blockchain-Powered Payments

blockchain payments

Discover how Mystic Valley Festival’s partnership with Fuse transforms event experiences with secure, efficient blockchain payments.

In an industry-first initiative, Thailand’s premier music festival, Mystic Valley, has embraced blockchain technology, partnering with Fuse Network to redefine how events handle payments and engage attendees. This collaboration addresses the rising costs and inefficiencies plaguing live event payments, ticketing, and point-of-sale systems worldwide.

This year’s Mystic Valley festival introduced attendees to NFTs and stablecoins through the cutting-edge Freedom mobile app powered by Fuse Network. Every ticket or drink purchase had an NFT minted for claiming, reducing friction for attendees.

This revolutionary app, powered by Account Abstraction, streamlined transactions while demonstrating blockchain’s potential to transform live events globally. The integration allowed for secure and convenient transactions, from ticket purchases to merchandise, food, drinks, and even digital rewards, setting a new benchmark in event experiences.

blockchain payments

Elevating the Festival Journey with MYST Tokens

With the Freedom app, attendees enjoyed the simplicity of using MYST Points—a digital currency tied to the Thai Baht—for all festival transactions. This seamless approach covered everything from accommodations and transportation to food and beverages, enhancing the festival experience.

The introduction of MYST Points significantly boosted sales, with notable achievements across various sectors:

  • Over 2 million THB in total transaction volume.
  • Beverage sales exceeded 700,000 THB.
  • More than 100 merchandise items were sold.
  • Food zone generating over 500,000 THB in revenue.
  • Over 1000 tickets sold as NFTs, highlighting robust community engagement and support.
  • “This success reflects the vibrant community support and signals a shift towards a more secure, exciting, and digitally-enhanced future for events,” said a Mystic Valley Festival organizer.

Moreover, the Freedom platform enriched the festival experience by fostering community engagement, enabling attendees to communicate and connect across different stages. The introduction of Mystic Valley Quests added an innovative layer of interaction, offering both online and offline challenges with rewards like exclusive memorabilia and lifetime festival access via digital NFTs.

Fuse Network and Web3 Payments: Shaping the Future of Events

At the forefront of technological innovation, Fuse Network, in partnership with Mystic Valley and Bitazza, is redefining commerce and event experiences. By leveraging blockchain technology for lower transaction fees (as low as $0.0001), Fuse makes cashless payments more accessible and eliminates the need for costly payment infrastructure.

This visionary approach ensures that all event organizers can offer a safe, efficient, and seamless payment experience. It democratizes access to advanced payment systems and paves the way for a more immersive and inclusive event landscape.

Blockchain Powered Payments

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