Secure Your Web3 Domain Name on Fuse with OpenName


OpenName allows seamless registration of multichain Web3 domain names on Fuse Network.

OpenName, a prominent player in Omni-chain Name Services, has integrated with the Fuse Ecosystem, enabling users to register and manage Web3 domain names on the Fuse blockchain. 

The rise of Web3 has revived the focus on the importance of domain names. With blockchain technology at the heart of this new decentralized internet, domain names are crucial in identifying and accessing digital assets and services.

Moreover, Web3 domain names act as gateways to decentralized content, platforms, and applications, making them a key element in the user experience and the overall success of the Fuse Network

What you need to know

  • OpenName integrates with Fuse, allowing users to register and manage Web3 domain names.
  • Use this link to register domain names on Fuse with OpenName.
  • Web3 domain names are vital for accessing decentralized content and enhancing user experience on the Fuse Network.
  • OpenName operates on multiple chains, including Fuse, enabling seamless domain transfers and TLD registration.
  • Users can associate Web3 Domains with their wallet addresses on Fuse, simplifying access and highlighting the importance of domain names in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Use the step-by-step video guide below to register domain names on the Fuse Blockchain.

With seamless integration across Ethereum, several EVM-compatible chains, zkSync, and a roadmap packed with forthcoming expansions, OpenName is solidifying its position as the go-to solution for those seeking a unified and efficient name service across different blockchain ecosystems. 

How OpenName Integrates Fuse

Fuse has been added to the list of blockchain networks where users can secure domain names. By assigning a Web3 Domain to their Fuse wallet address, for example, owners can easily remember their domain and use it to access their crypto wallet address, request transfers, or access various decentralized websites.

What would you prefer to tell people was your wallet address? 

This? 0xE7ae546939DeF22f5E8e5563cFcC6182cbA469FC – which is often impossible to remember and has a large margin for error. Or This? Thisisacoolname.Fuse

To register a domain name on Fuse, head to this page, select Fuse from the New TLDs, and then search for the domain name you would like to secure. OpenName prices its domains and TLDs based on character length. The minimum price for a domain is $0.99/year; for a TLD, it’s $99/year (excluding unique TLDs).

Web3 Domain Names

OpenName Details & Pricing  

OpenName operates on multiple public chains, including Fuse, utilizing smart contracts to transfer domain names across supported chains seamlessly. This innovative approach establishes a proper multi-chain domain name system.

A Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the highest level of a domain name, such as ‘.com’ or ‘.org.’ OpenName allows users to register TLDs and promote and earn 70% of the domain registration fees. 

OpenName prices its domains and TLDs based on character length. The minimum price for a domain is $0.99/year; for a TLD, it’s $99/year (excluding unique TLDs).

How is OpenName Different from Other Domain Services? 

The platform emphasizes a low-cost, high-quality domain service with affordable pricing, allowing users to create a personalized domain ecosystem and earn revenue. A standout feature is the removal of hierarchical restrictions, empowering users to craft independent Web3 domain names without needing consent, fostering creativity.

Operating as a decentralized system on multiple chains ensures a secure environment. The Primary Name Setting feature lets users link a blockchain address to an OpenName domain, creating a unique username visible in supported Web3 apps.

For domain management, OpenName offers flexibility in renewal and transfers. Users can renew any domain or TLD they own, and the platform facilitates easy transfers by modifying the domain name holder.

After registration, users can manage their domains by setting their leading name as their Web3 account, configuring address details, decentralized websites, and social media information on the domain details page. Users can adjust chain information or cancel the primary name setting anytime for a customizable experience.


OpenName Domains on Fuse 

This integration underscores the increasing significance of domain names in the Web3 landscape, where they serve as identifiers for digital assets and decentralized services.

With Fuse added to its supported networks, OpenName allows users to associate Web3 Domains with their wallet addresses, offering a memorable alternative to complex cryptographic addresses. 

Use this link to register domain names on Fuse with OpenName.

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