ShareMint: Unlock the Power of Web3 Affiliate Marketing on Fuse 


Fuse is delighted to announce that Web3 affiliate and marketing platform ShareMint has joined its ecosystem. Now, projects building on Fuse can launch an affiliate or referral program for their Web3 project to reward their most loyal community members and put their project in the spotlight. 

A strong referral and affiliate program incentivizes people to share your project. But Web2 affiliate platforms don’t cater to Web3 needs. Web2 platforms need help understanding wallet addresses, on-chain activity, or how to pay out affiliates in cryptocurrency.

This is where ShareMint comes in.

What You Need to Know

  • ShareMint has joined the Fuse ecosystem, enabling projects on Fuse to launch affiliate or referral programs quickly.
  • ShareMint is a Web3 affiliate and referral marketing tool for DeFi protocols, Web3 games, NFT mints, and Web3 SaaS projects. 
  • ShareMint addresses issues related to wallet addresses, on-chain activity, and crypto payouts.
  • The platform supports various blockchain networks, including Fuse, Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Projects leveraging the ShareMints solution can consult Fuse Docs for a complete guide. 

What is ShareMint? 

ShareMint is a Web3 affiliate and referral marketing tool that covers all your needs regarding quickly setting up a referral program. The platform also helps projects connect with a network of top partners, including Web3 communities, influencers, newsletters, and publishers.

The platform offers many features with deep levels of customization to help you launch your referral program. ShareMint supports Fuse, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Solana, and every EVM chain.


How Does ShareMint Work? 

First, users create a project by entering the details to set up their page. Next, share the affiliate sign-up page with others, allowing affiliates to connect their wallet and receive a unique affiliate link. 

Once affiliates have their referral link, they can invite others to join the project. When affiliates make referrals, pay them in one click through the payouts dashboard. Additionally, project teams can integrate the ShareMint SDK into their site with just two lines of code, or you can use ShareMint-hosted pages and skip this step.

For a complete guide to launching an affiliate program on Fuse Network, consult our docs

In Summary 

Launching an affiliate program with ShareMint is a seamless process designed to incentivize individuals to actively promote and share Web3 projects. By leveraging ShareMint’s capabilities, builders on Fuse can successfully establish a powerful affiliate marketing campaign for their project. 

The comprehensive setup ensures your program is enticing for affiliates and easily discoverable on the marketplace, expanding its reach within the Web3 community.

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