Treasury Management Using Crypto

Treasury Management Using Crypto

Treasury management using crypto involves strategically managing digital assets within an organization’s treasury. It focuses on optimizing liquidity, funding, and risk associated with cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto treasury management involves different processes from traditional treasury management, considering aspects like secure storage, market dynamics, and unique risks associated with cryptocurrencies. 

Organizations strategize to balance growth opportunities with risk management, leveraging insights from the crypto space and best practices for effective treasury management. Three key pillars of effective treasury management using crypto include:

  1. Liquidity: Efficiently managing crypto assets to ensure quick access for operational needs while minimizing impact on the market.
  2. Funding: Ensuring adequate capital for projects and operations by utilizing crypto assets.
  3. Risk: Mitigating risks related to price volatility, regulatory changes, and security breaches.

Recently, the CFO of Fuse Network, Oren Rosenfeld, was invited to speak on the topic by the Web3CFO club. A curated community built by Fuse ecosystem partners, Request Finance, comprises 650+ Web3 CFOs from companies like Aave, The Sandbox, Binance, Consensys, Ledger, and many more. 

Alongside Kevin Leuthardt, Head of Finance at Safe, and Nik Pletikos, Head of Treasury at Sweat Economy, one of the leading dApps in the move-to-earn category. They share their experience and provide practical examples of effectively managing the treasury of a Web3 startup, DAO, or protocol using crypto.

Listen Now to Treasury Management Using Crypto

The webinar delves into the management of crypto-based treasury and DeFi platforms. They discuss custody, DeFi platforms, token economics, and crypto integration for payroll and expenses. 

The Web 3CFO Club strives to merge conventional finance with the crypto world, adapting best practices to DeFi and crypto assets. Key topics include risk management, diverse treasury strategies, U.S. government bond investment, and the role of a Web 3 CFO.


  • Oren Rosenfled, CFO at Fuse Network
  • Kevin Leuthardt, Head of Finance at Safe 
  • Nik Pletikos, Head of Treasury at Sweat Economy 


Webinar intro (0:00

Intro from speakers (1:52

Agenda (6:41

About web3CFO club (7:36

Treasury Management Guide (8:44

Managing counterparty risk (11:14

Trade-offs when using crypto (21:12

Optimal fiat v/s crypto allocation (23:59

Counting native tokens separately (33:18

Investing beyond crypto – Tbills (37:08

Advice hiring a Web3 CFO (46:15

Q&A (51:35)

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