Tres Simplifies Financials for Businesses Transacting with Crypto on Fuse

Tres is a platform simplifying asset management and accounting for businesses dealing with crypto assets and transactions. Its services are now available for projects and businesses building on top of Fuse.

Since they arrived 14 years ago, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have gone a long way. This is evidenced today with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), cryptocurrency exchanges and investment funds, and many other businesses are increasingly holding significant parts of their assets and executing some, if not all, payment transactions on-chain.

At the same time, recent dramatic events in the crypto space have shown more vividly than ever that proper financial management is crucial for the maturation of our industry and boosting its credibility.    

However, managing and monitoring funds on-chain is still far from frictionless for most businesses. The Fuse team has been working on creating opportunities for businesses to plug web3 payments and decentralized finance (DeFi) into their operations. It is, thus, logical that we would be seeking to integrate with a blockchain financial data provider like Tres.

A finance management platform for businesses dealing with crypto

Tres is a business-to-business platform for financial management and monitoring. The Tres platform relies on a robust data engine that enables any on-chain or centralized finance (CeFi) data source to be indexed and processed within hours for 100% asset coverage.

Tres then aggregates the data from the customers’ wallets, accounts, and platforms, making it unnecessary for their financial teams to be crypto savvy and gather and edit unstructured blockchain and other crypto-related financial data manually and do calculations. The platform can also handle financial data from multiple chains and off-chain sources.

Tres’s technology stack caters to three prominent use cases:

  • Streamlining crypto accounting
  • Optimizing crypto asset management
  • Tracking DeFi investments

Tres simplifies crypto accounting with the help of a contextual ledger that provides an aggregate view of a customer’s financial activity. The ledger can also be exported into other accounting software to create reports, including accounting, proof of funds, and DeFi position reports.

The platform also allows easy monitoring of all the company’s crypto assets in one view, with built-in features such as historical balances, performance analysis, and exposure and risk calculation. Similarly, Tres can be used to track all the DeFi positions, their history, and their performance.

How Fuse integrates Tres

Tres has deployed its tech stack to the Fuse Network blockchain, and the Fuse Foundation has started using the platform for internal accounting and asset management purposes.

We also encourage project teams and businesses building on top of Fuse to consider reaching out to Tres and exploring their offering. Under the terms of the Fuse-Tres partnership, customers using Tres on Fuse will be eligible for a 20% subscription fee discount during the first year of using Tres, as well as fee-free transactions on Fuse Network if those are executed through Tres.

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