Voltage Finance Potential Unveiled at LABITCONF 23

Voltage Finance, a prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) Fuse ecosystem player, recently showcased its immense potential in the Web3 arena at the renowned LABITCONF 23 conference in Argentina, S America. 

Recent data from the Financial Times underlines Argentina’s remarkable embrace of cryptocurrencies, primarily driven by its tumultuous financial past. Many locals have turned their backs on traditional finance with the Argentine peso’s erratic behavior and recurring economic pitfalls. 

Cryptocurrencies emerged as the beacon of hope – protection against inflation and a symbol of reliability. However, navigating the Web3 world can be challenging.

Voltage Finance’s Everyday Payments Potential 

Voltage Finance is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to engage in various DeFi activities effortlessly. It acts as a gateway to DeFi on Fuse Network, providing users seamless access to many financial services, including lending, borrowing, yield farming, and more. 

Moreover, users can interact with the app through a sleek and intuitive interface on iOS and Android, making DeFi more accessible to beginners and experienced users.

“The VOLT app showcases Fuse’s tech stack and capabilities, and talking to developers and builders at the event, it’s clear there is great demand for solutions to integrate Web3 wallets into existing mobile applications. This is a huge opportunity for Fuse,” said Mark Smargon, Founder & CEO of Fuse Network. 

Showcasing Voltage Finance

The Voltage team had a significant presence at this year’s event, meeting and engaging with people at their branded booth while encouraging attendees to download and try the VOLT DeFi app. Early data suggests hundreds of downloads occurred during the conference, with the lion’s share of new users going on to complete a liveness check. 

Voltage Finance

One of the critical strengths of Voltage Finance is its user-centric design, offering an intuitive interface that accommodates users of all experience levels. The app prioritizes ease of use while maintaining powerful functionality. Users can navigate various features seamlessly, reducing complexity and enhancing the overall user experience.

Moreover, Voltage Finance is accessible across multiple platforms, including web browsers, mobile applications, and hardware wallets. This accessibility contributes to the widespread adoption of DeFi, allowing users to engage with the app using their preferred devices and interfaces.

Voltage at LABITCONF 

This collaboration provided an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the VOLT DeFi app to an audience of industry professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. The insights gained from the conference will further fuel innovation, foster partnerships, and unlock new possibilities.

Voltage Finance is committed to continuous development and improvement. The team aims to expand its list of supported blockchains, ensuring broader access to DeFi services and increased interoperability. Additionally, refining the user experience, enhancing security measures, and exploring new partnerships remain vital objectives for the VOLT DeFi app.

The roadmap includes integrating advanced features like decentralized identity solutions, complete ERC-4337 Account Abstraction, cross-chain swaps, and asset management tools. As decentralized finance continues to evolve, the VOLT DeFi app strives to remain at the forefront, providing an all-encompassing platform that aligns with the needs and expectations of its users.

Voltage Finance

Call for Ambassadors 

Are you passionate about cryptocurrency and excited about the world of Voltage? As Voltage ramps up activity in the LATAM region, it seeks passionate ambassadors to help spread the word and advocate for Voltage’s mobile DeFi solution and decentralized exchange.   

As an ambassador, your role will encompass a wide range of responsibilities. You will work to enhance Voltage’s online presence and community awareness in the LATAM region through various social media channels. Your creative talents will shine as you craft engaging content, infographics, and other representations to educate, entertain, and grow the audience.

Fill out this form to discover more and apply to become a Voltage Ambassador. 


The unveiling of the VOLT DeFi app at LABITCONF 23 showcased the immense potential of VOLT and the Fuse Network as innovative platforms within the Web3 ecosystem. VOLT DeFi app empowers individuals to harness the benefits of decentralized finance while providing a user-friendly experience. 

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