ZNEAKRZ Marketplace App Now Live on Fuse Network 


ZNEAKRZ and Fuse Address Soaring Prices with Innovative Web3 Sneaker Marketplace.

Fuse is thrilled to announce the further expansion of its ecosystem with the Web3 sneaker app ZNEAKRZ. The user-centric platform and native ZNEAKRZ token are built on Fuse Network, and the app utilizes the powerful Fuse Wallet Mobile SDK to deliver a seamless user experience on mobile.

What you need to know

  • Fuse is expanding its ecosystem with the Web3 sneaker marketplace ZNEAKRZ.
  • The ZNEAKRZ app is built using the powerful Fuse Wallet Mobile SDK.
  • ZNEAKRZ aims to address the high prices of sneakers with low to no fees and sneakers available at or below retail prices.
  • The platform features low to no fees, a centralized marketplace for buying, selling, and trading sneakers, opportunities for retail-priced sneakers, and a secure sneaker escrow service.
  • ZNEAKRZ is available in North America on Android and Apple devices. 

The ZNEAKRZ app has been successfully developed on the Fuse Network, utilizing our wallet and blockchain for seamless transactions. It’s important to note that Zneakrz tokens can only be purchased with Fiat currency. In this ecosystem, Sneakers can only be acquired with Zneakrz tokens, emphasizing the importance of the native token within the community. 

The app is free to buy and sell sneakers, while the app’s subscription allows users to get exclusive and hard-to-get sneakers through drops and other benefits.  

Solving real-world problems on Fuse

Fuse is about bringing real-world ideas to life, and ZNEAKRZ fits that description perfectly. In the sneaker resale market, the prices of sneakers have skyrocketed to the point that most people can’t afford them. ZNEAKRZ wants to address that with low to no fees and sneakers at or below retail price. Drawing on consumer survey data from YouGov Profiles, the report finds that:  

  • 39% of Sneakerheads are Millennials (born between 1982 and 1999) 
  • 23% of Sneakerheads have a disposable monthly income of $5,000 or more 
  • Sneakerheads are highly engaged on social media, particularly YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Sneakerheads are firm believers in brand advocacy, with 71% saying they are more likely to buy from brands that express a view they agree with.

The demographics of Sneakerheads align with those of crypto and blockchain technology. A young, tech-hungry crowd wanting to stay ahead of the curve, utilize the latest innovations, and continually seek products and services that help simplify their lives while rewarding loyalty.   

ZNEAKRZ Under the Hood 

Traditional marketplaces, like StockX and eBay, dominate the scene, while smaller specialized platforms cater to exclusive audiences. Newer concepts like live auction platforms offer a fresh perspective. To establish itself as the premier platform, ZNEAKRZ offers distinct features:

Low To No Fees: Unlike traditional platforms profiting from escalating sneaker prices through transaction fees, ZNEAKRZ operates without relying on fees. This commitment ensures transparency and fairness, prioritizing the sneaker community’s interests.

Buy, Sell, & Trade All In One: ZNEAKRZ simplifies the fragmented sneaker marketplace landscape, offering a centralized platform for buying, selling, and trading sneakers. This integration streamlines the user experience and eliminates inconveniences.

Sneakers At Or Below Retail Price: ZNEAKRZ’s Drops & Auction section provides a unique opportunity to secure highly sought-after sneakers at or below their original retail price, making coveted releases more accessible.

Sneaker Escrow: To mitigate risks associated with transactions on other platforms, ZNEAKRZ offers Private Sale, a dedicated sneaker escrow service. It acts as a trustworthy middleman, ensuring safe and secure transactions for buyers and sellers.

Web3 Sneaker Marketplace

Download and Try ZNEAKRZ 

ZNEAKRZ is a sneaker marketplace prioritizing authenticity, community, and innovation. Its low-to-no-fee model, comprehensive platform, opportunities for retail-priced sneakers, and secure escrow service make it the ultimate destination for sneaker enthusiasts.

The app is live in the Google and Apple stores and operates in North America. 

Download for Android | Download for Apple

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